I am a visual artist. I began my career as a painter and art teacher. My art work, more specifically my paintings, grew out of a confrontation and experimentation with lines, textures, colors, contrasts, movement, and shapes.
The endless process of recreation in a painting has always fascinated me. I see my paintings as an archaeological process in reverse. Layers open layers revealing a new existence without ignoring the past one.
This process of restructuring and recreating led me to the collage. I began by using objects that were part of my daily life, recognizing their sensory and visual content, and restructured them to give them a new existence. It is a process of investigation, interpretation and re-signification.
This process of interpretation and revealing is related to an old passion for psychology. It reflected my earlier studies of psychoanalysis, Reichian therapy, and Art therapy. I was always looking for a way to integrate art and psychology.
More recently, I have been drawn into visual media including film editing and photography. My first art clip was about the interaction of different forms that I had previously photographed.
My editing skills led me to a larger project, the Portrait Interview, which I am now doing in partnership. This allows me to combine my art and film-editing skills with my interest in peoples’ life stories.